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Who doesn’t love Las Vegas? It’s one of the most popular holiday destinations for many across the globe. Besides nightlife and gambling, the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’ has so much to offer. Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas? Read this post as we curate some of the best attractions the city offers. […]
Nicaragua is known as the land of lakes and volcanoes. Leon is surrounded by many volcanoes and some are still active. Cerro Negro, also known as Black Ridge, is become very popular as a great place to go volcano boarding. People climb to the top of the volcano and use a small wooden board to […]
Ice Climbing is an exhilarating and fun sport. Those that are able to reach the top often take the same philosophical approach to reach goals in their own lives. It is a great exercise that strengthens your back legs and your posterior. If you are thinking of ice climbing you must be in excellent physical […]
Camping in Ontario is one of the most favorite activities of Canadians. After endless days of being snowed under and fighting the weather extremes, the summer months open up a whole new bright and vibrant world during which time, the least you can do is spend a weekend at one of the numerous campsites in […]
Canada is famous for a wide variety of things. For a long time it has come to establish itself as an ideal vacation destination. International as well as domestic tourism thrives in the area. There are many reasons for this ranging from the favorable weather conditions, which make it possible for an individual to engage […]
If you enjoy the outdoors and activities such as cycling, you may want to consider great activities the Swiss Alps has to offer when the ski season is over. Downhill mountain bikers go to the mountains when the ski resorts are hibernating for a fun and exciting adventure. This can be a refreshing change of […]
If you are an adventurer and an aspiring rock climber then Railay Beach in Thailand would be perfect for you. There is a rock climbing enthusiast in all of us but not many would try their hands at the daunting challenges posed by most cliffs in the United States. Railay Beach is an isolated peninsula […]
Scuba diving may not yet be the most favorite adventure sport or activity but it is surely the most popular underwater adventure in the world. While you can credit the movies or the natural instinct of man to explore marine life and underwater features, the truth is that you cannot keep yourself away from a […]
If you visiting the French Riviera, your trip will not be complete without stopping in the beautiful St. Tropez. It is renowned for the miles of gorgeous and glistening white sandy beaches. It is known as the place to see and the place to be seen with the rich & famous. You will find azure […]
While on vacation in Southeast Asia, there are many things that appeal for your attention – gorgeous white sand beaches, epic parties, decadent local cuisine, timeless temples, and so on. For the more active among us however, we look up at the soaring peaks that can be found across Southeast Asia, thinking only of conquering […]