Make Your Trip To Las Vegas Worthwhile Visiting These Places

Who doesn’t love Las Vegas? It’s one of the most popular holiday destinations for many across the globe. Besides nightlife and gambling, the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’ has so much to offer.

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas? Read this post as we curate some of the best attractions the city offers. From leisure to entertainment, we’ve covered all aspects to make your trip to the city worth every penny.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Here Are The Best Places To Visit In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a bustling city with so many things to offer. If it’s your first time, it can be pretty overwhelming. So, to make it easier, check the curated list below that is worth visiting.

Fremont Street

Fremont Street is a must-visit place in Las Vegas. It was the first paved street in the city and is also the second most famous street beside the Las Vegas Strip. The city is also home to the first famous casinos such as Eldorado Club, Binion’s Horseshoe, and Fremont Hotel and Casino.

Although most of the casinos are now in the Strip, we still recommend including this in your trip to Las Vegas. Check out the Viva Vision light shows where part of the street is covered by a gigantic LCD display. Furthermore, get to experience lights of the Fremont Street through the SlotZilla zipline. We assure you it’s breathtaking.

The Neon Museum Las Vegas

The Neon Museum Las Vegas isn’t like your regular museum. When it comes to museum visits, most assume it to be dull. However, in this case, you’re in for a treat. Experience the history of the city by taking a walk through the exhibitions of the iconic Vegas neon signs. Even better at night when all the LED signs light up. Include this in your list to make your trip to the city more spectacular.

The Stratosphere Tower

It’d be a crime to go to Las Vegas and not visit the tallest observation tower in the United States. The Stratosphere tower is famous for offering a variety of attractions including some adrenaline rush thrill rides. It has one of the highest thrill rides in the world such as Xscream. If you don’t have any issues with heights, this is a cue for you to take a shot at.

Unique Stores

If the thrill rides are not your thing, then there is a better alternative. You can visit some of the most extraordinary and unique stores in Las Vegas. For instance, tasting Coca-Cola products from across the world in the Coca-Cola store. Or, if you love chocolate, there is Hershey’s Chocolate World which will make feel like Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Have a fun-filled trip to the city by visiting extraordinary and unique stores.

Las Vegas Sign

Visit the iconic ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign, which is also considered the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip. It was built in 1959 by Betty Willis with the intent to create a unique sign.

It is one of the most recognized signs in the world and also a major influence in pop culture. Wouldn’t it be amazing to take a picture under the iconic sign?

Hotels And Casinos

If budget isn’t an issue for you, hotels and casino hopping are worth trying. The city is home to some luxurious hotels mostly located on the Strip. These hotels feature indoor shopping stores, restaurants, and casinos. Indulge in these extravagant hotels with your friends or close ones.

There are also tailored packages to make your trip hassle-free. Speaking of packages, we do have one in mind that might lessen your booking burden.  You can book with Vegas Vacations VIP which offers some of the most amazing and cost-saving packages making your trip an exciting one.

High Roller Ferris Wheel

What’s the use of visiting Las Vegas without a ride to the largest Ferris in the world? The High Roller Ferris wheel offers a one-of-a-kind experience. It allows you to see a 360-degree view of the Las Vegas Valley. Amazing, isn’t it? It’s even a spectacular night where you can also opt for open bar cabins and have a good time high above Las Vegas.

Shows And Concerts

One thing that Las Vegas is synonymous with is shows and concerts. No surprise it’s called the Entertainment Capital of the world. Most of the well-known hotels in the city host famous concerts and shows regularly. You can experience a magic performance by the renowned magician David Copperfield or see the famous Cirque Du Soleil. There are ample options to choose from.

Hoover Dam

Too much entertainment-based activity on the list? Well, we have Hoover Dam for you. It’s one of the largest dams in the world situated in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. Even better for architect enthusiasts who love to see unique architectural designs.

Here is an interesting fact: You can pour water straight into the sky due to the powerful updraft the dam creates. Give it a try when you visit it.

Red Rock Canyon

Another place to visit for adventure enthusiasts is Red Rock Canyon. The place is situated near Las Vegas in Mojave Desert, Nevada. It’s known for its geological features including the red sandstone peaks. The place is also famous for rock climbing, hiking, and biking.

End your Las Vegas trip by visiting the Red Rock Canyon allowing you to appreciate the gift of nature. The picturesque landscape and activity far away from the lively sin city give a perfect end to your trip.

Wrapping Up

There you go! Las Vegas has some of the most amazing places to visit. We have curated some of the best and iconic places that should be on the list when you visit the city. If you’re new, these places would a be good way to kickstart the trip to the entertainment city. So, do include them in your place-to-visit list when you go to Las Vegas.