Downhill Mountain Biking in the Swiss Alps

If you enjoy the outdoors and activities such as cycling, you may want to consider great activities the Swiss Alps has to offer when the ski season is over. Downhill mountain bikers go to the mountains when the ski resorts are hibernating for a fun and exciting adventure. This can be a refreshing change of pace from your usual outdoor vacation.

Downhill mountain biking is considered an extreme sport that requires a mountain bike, downhill biking helmet and body pads. You need to have intermediate or advanced riding skills and experience in riding on a single tract because it can be a dangerous sport. Even though you will be traveling with gravity, you need to have impeccable balance to navigate downhill through the mountains and deal with the semi rough terrain.

Downhill mountain biking in the Swiss Alps is not only fun it is beautiful as well. You will travel through untouched backcountry where you will see sights like no other. You will have the opportunity to explore the natural mountain range that lies in Switzerland. They are divided into two main portions including the Western Alps and the Eastern Alps. There are thousands of miles of bike trials that take you down every part of the mountains. You will almost never see the same thing twice.

If you travel down the north side of the Alps, you will find unbelievable rivers that drain the mountains. You can bike alongside the rivers and watch wild life pass you by. At the bottom of the Swiss Alps, you will often be met by a majestic lake. It will be the perfect place to take a break for your downhill mountain bike riding to celebrate that you have successfully made it through this ride. You will have a chance to take in the 365 degrees of breath taking views. There is nothing like the feeling of downhill mountain bike riding through the Swiss Alps. The exhilaration you feel is unbelievable.

You can take this adventure on your own or you can register for a downhill mountain biking hire a guide to assist you with the track and the equipment. It is essential that you have the proper biking equipment so it is very helpful to have a guide there to help. They will teach you safety precautions to ensure you stay save on your ride.