Scuba Diving Off Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Scuba diving may not yet be the most favorite adventure sport or activity but it is surely the most popular underwater adventure in the world. While you can credit the movies or the natural instinct of man to explore marine life and underwater features, the truth is that you cannot keep yourself away from a scuba dive if you are at Little Corn Island in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua has emerged as a top holiday destination for North Americans. The tropical climate is a major crowd puller but the fact that you can have a very economic holiday while not compromising on any of the luxuries you desire is also a quintessential factor. Besides, you can reach Nicaragua in a matter of few hours from anywhere in the United States, Canada, Mexico or the South American nations.

Scuba diving off Little Corn Island in Nicaragua is fascinating for many reasons. First, you can explore the Belize Barrier Reef. The reef that stretches all the way from Belize is 300 km long and it is also one of the safest reefs in the world. The temperature of the water, the lack of any threatening waves and the pristine surroundings of the locales make scuba diving a treat at Little Corn Island.

If you are a certified scuba diver then you can get your gear and dive right in. If you are not certified then there are training programs at various places. You would not only get trained on the art and science of scuba diving but you will also get certified at the end of the process. From colorful and vibrant underwater flora and fauna to tropical marine life, from spotting rays to locating sharks from a distance, there is an adventure at every nook and corner in Little Corn Island.

You can hire a scuba diving instructor or a guide instead of getting certified if you do not have the time because the certification process including the training takes about four days. The PADI Open Water Certification that you get is globally recognized and obtaining one would be very desirable but not everyone has four days to spend on a training program.

Apart from the reef, flora, fauna and tropical fishes, you also get to explore underwater caves and unprecedented natural structures. If you have an appetite for exploring the unexplored then scuba diving off Little Corn Island in Nicaragua is certainly something you should try, at least once.