The Three Sickest Heli-Skiing Operations In The World

The world’s leading ski resorts have a variety of challenges that keep most customers happy, satisfied, and shredding away without a care in the world. For a certain group of people however, even the most expert runs are just a bit too vanilla for their tastes. Additionally, many skiers prefer floating on top of a blanket of untouched, virgin powder, instead riding predictable, groomed runs. What do these cutting edge snow addicts do in search of their fix? They hire a helicopter and leave the crowds behind on the bunny hill, choosing wild, unmolested alpine chutes and intimidating glades to push their skills to the limit.

If you count yourself among these adrenaline-chasing individuals, here are some heli-skiing areas you ought to check out in order to have the sickest day on the slopes ever!

1) The Monashees, British Columbia – Like gladed runs and steep/deep pistes? Then you gotta check out the backcountry skiing in the Monashees, in British Columbia, Canada. Getting upwards of 66 feet of snow per year, you’ll be drowning in the powder with every carve of your skis. The heli lodges in the area offer excellent amenities for après-ski festivities as well, with a rooftop Jacuzzi tub on one of them, along with a games room and massage therapists on site to knead the burning sensation out of your thighs after a long day on the mountain.

2) Thompson Pass, Alaska – Set amongst the Chugach Mountains of Alaska, Thompson Pass also gets tonnes of snow every season, as the range rises straight up from the coast, allowing for massive amounts of the white stuff to fall each winter/spring. This area has been the setting for countless ski movies, so who knows? You may run into Warren Miller out there!

3) Greenland Heli Skiing – Looking to make tracks where few others have gone before? Got cash to burn? Then hop on a bush plane and head for Kangaamiut, Greenland. Located in the northwest corner of the island, well north of the Arctic Circle, the prime time for this glacier skiing adventure is short, between April and May. The rigidity of the season is made up for by the stunning views you will encounter as you descend towards the ocean, carving down a blanket of snow that will never be touched by a punter that goes out skiing maybe once a year. It’s just you, your friends and an arctic wilderness.

The world is filled with remote peaks just waiting for you to make your mark on them with your finesse and skill. Do be safe out there, but don’t let the wildness of these trips discourage from claiming a bit of the wilderness for yourself!