Best Places Around The World To Try Canyoning

Canyoning, also known as canyoneering, is an emerging extreme sport, combining rappelling and rock climbing, all while negotiating river-carved tunnels and waterfalls. A wet and wild adventure, the sport has gotten considerably safer over the past couple of decades, as equipment has evolved to adapt to the reality of wet surfaces that canyoneers traverse during their trips.

Now that this sport can be tried by beginners with a considerably lower risk than ever before, here are some destinations that will give you an experience that will test your physical and mental toughness, while delivering memorable views at the same time.

1) Interlaken, Switzerland – One of the places where this sport was pioneered, Interlaken has many skilled and experienced guides waiting to give you the time of your life. Slide down water-smoothed natural waterslides and leap over waterfalls while the inspiring beauty of the Swiss Alps looms around you. Simply put, if there is one place to have your first canyoning experience, Interlaken is the place.

2) New Zealand – A location in the world with gob-smacking beauty, New Zealand also has an abundance of waterways that lend themselves well to the sport of canyoning. Travelers recommend trying out the Blue and the Sleeping God Canyons to ensure the best possible experience if you have a limited amount of time or money while you are visiting this part of the world. As if canyoning itself wasn’t enough, you can combine it with a zipline ride if you are doing the Sleeping God canyon … what value!

3) Cape Town, South Africa – Known as kloofing in this part of the world, canyoning is an incredible way to burn off the calories you will no doubt gain by eating in many of Cape Town’s well-regarded restaurants. After arriving amongst the intense natural beauty that the Table Mountain area has to offer, strap on your neoprene wetsuit and safety gear and get ready to jump into Suicide Gorge for the thrill of a lifetime! Not nearly as bad as it sounds, but this route will give you more than its share of thrills along the way down the canyon.

4) Costa Rica – Afraid of jumping into a cold river? Fear not, as Costa Rica, situated comfortably in the tropics, has plenty of warm water for you to play around in, across the country. Since canyoning here does not require a wetsuit, you can rappel, slide, and jump your way down the canyons with little fear of catching a cold. Keep your eyes open for the abundant wildlife that Costa Rica is famous for!

Canyoning is an exciting sport, with all the gear you need to keep safe and comfortable. Try it out today and insert a little bit of excitement that’s been missing in your life!