Adventures in South America that will change your life

Traveling to Latin America soon, and looking for some transformative experiences while you are there? This article will discuss adventures in South America that contain the power to forever alter how you look at life.

Check them out below…

1) Biking the Death Road in Bolivia

Much of Bolivia is situated high in the Andean Altiplano, with an average elevation of 10,000 feet above sea level or greater.

However, there are some portions of the country situated in the Amazon Basin, and it is along the North Yungas Road that the capital city of La Paz is linked to the remote rainforest region of the same name.

To get there though, a narrow road hugging the wet side of the Andes must be traversed; at certain points, the route is one truck width wide, with traffic proceeding in both directions.

Despite this and other risks that include rock falls and excessive muck in wet season, it has proven to be highly popular with mountain bikers from all over the world.

The challenge of negotiating this narrow road in all sorts of conditions have made biking the Death Road a rite of passage among adventure minded travelers when exploring South America.

2) Tandem hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

High above the glamorous city of Rio de Janeiro are uniquely shaped peaks that play a large part in giving this part of the world the beauty for which it has long been known.

While lounging on the beaches of Copacabana though, you might notice a number of hang gliders spiraling in a slow arc from the top of peaks like Sugarloaf and the cliffs of São Conrado.

Despite the fear factor in taking on a sport like this, guides will accompany you on a tandem run, reducing your anxiety as they will explain everything that is about to happen.

Regardless of that, the leap of faith you will take into the blue will forever change your perspective on risk – once you take a seemingly big one.

3) Hiking around Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia

There are many places you can trek in South America, but few possess the unique, haunting beauty that Patagonia offers.

A particularly gorgeous spot to do this is within Torres del Paine National Park on the Chilean side of the border, where the granite and limestone spires of its trademark peaks will make braving the biting windchills (even in summer, which remain bracingly cool this far south) well worth the discomfort you’ll endure along the way.