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Best places to cross-country ski in the world

With the northern half of the world beginning to slide into the winter season, outdoor enthusiasts are preparing to embrace this chilly time of year. Where are the best places to cross-country ski in the world? This article will give you a few ideas to help you answer that all-important question. 1) Aspen, Colorado, USA […]

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Adventure Vacation Options In The Canadian Maritimes

When most adventure-seeking travelers venture to Canada, they think about skiing the soaring mountains in British Columbia and Alberta, or paddling between the countless granite-encrusted lakes that can be found in the abundant wilderness of Ontario and Quebec. Little thought goes into what lies east of the Quebec border, as the Maritime provinces of Canada […]

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3 North American Urban Hikes That Will Amaze You

In today’s busy modern world, more and more of us are living in urban areas with every passing year. While many are interested in the solace and serenity of Mother Nature, it isn’t always possible to get out of the city’s grasp every weekend, with money issues, chores, and familial obligations acting as an anchor […]

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