5 Tips for Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing is an exhilarating and fun sport. Those that are able to reach the top often take the same philosophical approach to reach goals in their own lives. It is a great exercise that strengthens your back legs and your posterior. If you are thinking of ice climbing you must be in excellent physical condition and be agile. You must be determined to overcome each obstacle as it arises, stay focused and stay positive. It is important to understand and master all safety precautions.

Be Prepared

The best way to prepare for ice climbing is to read books and online articles about ice climbing. This will help you get in the proper mindset you will need to climb. You will need to learn how to make quick decisions and react in time when obstacles arise. Ice climbing can be very dangerous so it is extremely important that you know all the safety measures that should be taken. Avalanches kill 120 to 150 people every year including ice climbers and ski instructors.

Physical Conditioning

You should make sure you are in great physical condition before you start ice climbing. You can prepare yourself ahead of time by jogging, walking, skiing, swimming and doing long distance endurance training. These are great ways to get in shape prior to facing your first climb. The key to successful ice climbing are using the right techniques, practicing systematically and training.


You need to make sure that your gear weighs no more than twenty five percent of your body weight including your clothing and equipment. Even if you are very strong, you can not bring anything that weighs above this guideline. You should wear synthetic material because it weighs less than cotton. Do not even think about wearing jeans.


Make sure you have the proper equipment and tools. Modern ice crampons and tools, and screws that are easy to place and warming gloves have made ice climbing easier but it is still extremely dangerous. You need to also bring a map, quality compass, small sunscreen, LED headlight, first aid kit and a liter water bottle.

Climbing Ethics

Do not climb the ice alone. Bring along friends that have ice climbing experience. Adopt the “Leave No Trace” mentality to leave the area the way you found it. It is a privilege to climb the pristine ice in the natural environment.