Beautiful dive sites in the Bahamas

While many tourists are simply content enough to lie on the picture perfect beaches that grace the 700 islands that make up the Bahamas, those that crave action on their holiday seek adventure on and under its turquoise waters.

Throughout the country, there are many places where SCUBA enthusiasts can descend into a wonderland of color and action.

In this post, we’ll uncover just a few of the beautiful dive sites in the Bahamas that are sitting here waiting for you to discover them.

1) Lost Blue Hole

Part of a group that has a mix of experience levels when it comes to diving? The Lost Blue Hole is a dive you can all do together, as it contains attractive coral and marine life at depths ranging from 14 to 31 metres.

With colorful coral formations and fauna like the threatened Blacknose Shark and countless Manta Rays found throughout this dive site, make sure you rent a pressure resistant, underwater camera before descending, as the scenes you’ll see below will make you wish you did if you neglect to make this worthwhile investment.

2) Current Cut

Want to go on a dive, but too lazy too kick your legs to propel yourself along? Why expend valuable energy when you could have the ocean take care of that for you at Current Cut.

At this dive site, the incoming tide will pull you through the channel at a brisk clip, pulling you through from one end to the other in about ten minutes.

Because of the very strong currents involved in this dive, it is not recommended for beginners to go alone, and even those with plenty of experience should wear a wetsuit, as some of the tumbles you can take on this journey can end with you getting some pretty nasty coral cuts.

All in all, those that keep their wits about them will enjoy what is akin to an underwater version of a lazy river ride – only with schools of fish and brilliantly colored rock formations.

3) Shark Rodeo

Love to live dangerously? If you want to channel your inner James Bond, or if you are knowledgeable enough about sharks to know that most won’t hurt you if you play it safe, then dropping into Shark Rodeo off Walker’s Cay will be one of the more enjoyable dives you’ll do in a while.

Some tours even offer experience where chum is dropped into the water, while divers watch the ensuing carnage from a safe vantage point – so if danger is your middle name, then perhaps this dive site is for you!