Three Best Spots For Sea Kayaking In Mexico

Mexico has become known for many outstanding sea kayaking spots. Over the past few decades, outdoor enthusiasts have flocked here from all over the world to soak in the mind-blowing natural beauty that abounds along its lengthy seacoast.

Here are a few favorite spots that you definitely check out if you are heading down to Baja to get in some paddling:

1) The Islands of Loreto Bay – Located on the Sea of Cortez, this area was declared a national park reserve in 1996 and was declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site shortly after, as it contains an abundance of diverse marine and bird life. Paddle alongside dolphins as you admire the rugged, arid islands that dot the bay. After going hard for a few hours, pull your kayak ashore on your own private white sand beach, and live out all the deserted island fantasies you have been repressing all these years. Truly, this is a sea kayaking route that is not to be missed!

2) Isla Espiritu Santo – Fringed by white sand beaches and azure waters, this trip is another one that you will not regret taking! With plenty of sea lions residing in this area, you will find it hard to go through this entire journey without seeing one of these friendly beasts. To get up close with these beauties, pull off your kayaking gear and slip on a mask and a snorkel. Also passing by Isla Espiritu Santo are many plankton eating whale sharks, so there is a strong possibility that you will come away from this experience with an encounter with one of these giants!

3) Bay of Huatulco, Oaxaca State, Mexico – If kayaking in Baja California isn’t your thing, you should try paddling further south, down on the Bay of Huatulco, in the Mexican state of Huatulco. Less intense and more family friendly than some of the trips on the Baja Peninsula, trips in the bay of Huatulco are shorter, on the order of a few hours rather than a few days. Kayak to secluded beaches, lunch is provided by your guides, and partake in some world class snorkeling by paddling out to a reef, slipping on your mask and snorkel, and sliding into the aquamarine water to play with the clown fishes and other marine life.

Mexico is massive, with an unimaginable length of coastline throughout the nation. Baja is the standout destination for now, but along with the latter destination in Oaxaca, more places are certain to be discovered in the coming years, so rent a kayak wherever you are in Mexico. Will you find the next kayaking hotspot?