Snorkeling in St. Tropez

If you visiting the French Riviera, your trip will not be complete without stopping in the beautiful St. Tropez. It is renowned for the miles of gorgeous and glistening white sandy beaches. It is known as the place to see and the place to be seen with the rich & famous. You will find azure water and cerulean skies backlit by sunsets of ruby red, gold and ripe apricot. Underneath the crystal clear water you will find a whole world of exotic fish and coral that you will be able to discover when you snorkel in St. Tropez.

Snorkeling is an affordable, fun and easy way to discover the beauties in the ocean and see all of the marine life. The only skill that is required is that you are a confident and good swimmer. You just have to grab tour snorkel, mask, fins and a flotation vest and get ready to see a new world beneath the St. Tropez ocean surface.

You will discover underwater creatures that are truly amazing as you snorkel. You can y the brilliant purple sea fans and the vibrant red and yellow coral canyons that sway in the oceans current. Do not ever touch the coral because it is detrimental to the coral’s health and it can be very dangerous. You should stay in water that is six feet deep or more if you are snorkeling over corals. Look around for exotic tropic fish and sea creatures. St. Tropez has a diverse and thriving ecosystem so there is as much to discover underwater as there is to discover on land.

Take a little time to get accustomed to the snorkeling gear. Your mask needs to have a good seal around your nose and eyes in order to prevent the sea water from getting in. Take in a breath through your nose in to establish the secure seal. Do not forget that the snorkel only works if one end is outside of the water. Bite down around the snorkel’s bite takes and keep your lips tight. You will be surprised how easy it is to get lost in the world underneath the ocean that is unfolding before your very eyes. Every so often, take a moment to peek above to check out your surroundings.

Enjoy the St. Tropez oceans with the great opportunity to observe life underwater in its natural setting. It is a great and exciting activity to interact with the sea for people of all ages.