Rock Climbing At Railay Beach, Thailand

If you are an adventurer and an aspiring rock climber then Railay Beach in Thailand would be perfect for you. There is a rock climbing enthusiast in all of us but not many would try their hands at the daunting challenges posed by most cliffs in the United States.

Railay Beach is an isolated peninsula in Thailand, between Ao Nang and Krabi. You can take a boat ride to reach the mesmerizing beach. There are no road and rail connectivity because the area is almost cut off by the limestone cliffs that encompass the beach area. Railay Beach is split into four distinct areas – West Railay Beach, East Railay Beach, Pranang and Tonsai. All the four areas are picturesque and adventurous but Tonsai is the best for rock climbing.

There are many reasons why you would love to conquer the cliffs at Railay Beach in Thailand. First, it is easy. You may be traveling with your partner, friends or you may have kids along with you. Climbing the cliffs at Railay Beach is simple and even a ten year old can participate. Second, there is some very efficient rock climbing training programs in the offing. You do not need any preplans. You can simply contact one of the many veteran guides and sign up for one of the many rock climbing training programs. You would be taught everything in the friendly but professional training sessions. Right from harnessing to signals, the footings to using the various tools such as ascenders and others, you would become acquainted with everything during the training classes.

You may choose to give it a go alone with your friends or family or you can be a part of a larger group and have twice the fun. With a larger group, you would get time in between your climb to have some rest. This is desirable if you have not been an avid rock climber.

You also get the luxury to rent every tool, equipment and even shoes at the site. If you have not taken along any of the rock climbing gear then you need not worry. The rentals are cheap and you can get everything that you need. You can dress up, climb and conquer Railay Beach and also photograph yourself as the Cliffhanger in tropical Thailand.

A day or two at Railay Beach can be amazing fun and there are very well decked up bungalows, villas as well as a large resort to attend to your accommodation needs.