The best outdoor adventures along the Blue Ridge Parkway

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The Blue Ridge Parkway traces the spine of the Eastern United States, giving visitors that seek to witness the Appalachian Mountains views that greatly exceed expectations. While many are simply content to gawk at the scenery, those that seek to do rather than just see also have plenty of options for outdoor adventures along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Here are just three of the possibilities that await you…

Zip-lining in Barnardsville, NC

Get your adrenaline flowing by taking on some of the higher zip lines you’ve ever ridden at Navitat in Barnardsville. There are no less than ten zip lines to ride, with some of them being suspended over 200 feet of dead air.

When soaring through the sky like superman gets old, be sure to take on the sky bridges, or rappel down sheer cliffs with only a securely fastened cable keeping you safe from an untimely plunge to your death.

You can only get a peak experience by flirting with it though, so trust in the thoroughly trained professionals here and enjoy every scream-inducing experience you have at Navitat.

Mountain bike the Hickory Nut Gorge

If you are looking for another way to hurl yourself down the haughty slopes of the Blue Ridge on this trip, but want to retain at least a modicum of control, then mountain biking down the Hickory Nut Gorge is the surest way to accomplish this goal.

With many dramatic views of America’s most underestimated mountains present of this route, it will be a challenge to maintain a rhythm, as they will beg for attention from your camera’s trigger finger. Also distracting will be the opportunity to sight some of America’s most diverse range of flora and fauna.

Please be sure to keep your distance from any animals, and refrain from picking flowers, so that this area can retain its appeal for future visitors.

Ski down one of several mountains (really)

Due to its southerly position in the contiguous United States, the national and state parks that line the Blue Ridge Parkway don’t exactly spring to mind when one thinks of ski areas.

However, the area’s elevation and ample supply of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean provide the Appalachian Range with sufficient snow in most years to make activities like snowshoeing, snowboarding, and skiing viable in the region.

Resorts like Sugar Mountain and Wolf Ridge Ski Resort provide enough of a challenge for experts, while novices will find the grades here much more forgivable than at some resorts in the Rocky Mountains to the west.

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